Austrian Alt MBA

Ricky Porco · October 20, 2022

“I have an MBA!”

The traditional MBA is a thing, an artifact, a credential, providing privileged entry into the elite of business planners and strategists, who sit at the highest levels of the corporate hierarchy in the largest firms, setting targets for others to hit and allocating resources for others’ projects. Students learn administration, planning, forecasting, management, cost control, and the use of scientific methods.

The E4B Alternative MBA awakes a different capability – how to Think Better. It’s a lifetime pass to clarity of thought, good decisions, collaborative management and customer value. It enables you to see business as a flow and not just a series of plans and targets. It’s a guide to alignment and harmony with customers, colleagues and partners. 

Before taking the E4B Alternative MBA you might be unsure about managing in the rapidly changing digital world. 
After taking the E4B Alternative MBA you’ll embrace change with a dynamic perspective and you’ll master the new method that comprises the adaptive approach to business.

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