Victor Chor Wins 2022 Mises Young Founders Award

The Economics For Business project promotes entrepreneurship in the Misesian sense: as the driving force of the whole market system. The individual entrepreneur is one of the core elements of this driving force. Rockefeller, Carnegie, and Ford were among the American entrepreneurs who created the capitalist system while Jobs, Gates, and Bezos are among those who continued its development. All were Young Founders at one point in their careers.

Young Founders play a special role, embracing uncertainty, assembling resources, serving customers in new ways, and creating new capital. The Mises Institute is celebrating Young Founders in its own way. We regularly feature founders on our Economics For Business podcast, and turn their stories into instructive case studies for our E4B learning platform. Now, the Mises Institute is initiating an annual Young Founders Award to highlight the economic and social contribution of these special economic actors.

The 2022 Young Founders Award winner is Victor Chor, founder of the consumer electronics innovator Infinacore.

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