Knowledge Entrepreneurship

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Knowledge entrepreneurship is a process that values the distribution of an entrepreneur's knowledge. It's a type of entrepreneurship ideal for teachers.

Problem To Solve: How can I generate value by teaching?

How To Use This Tool

The Entrepreneurial Method. This unfolding timeline is an excellent example of the entrepreneurial method at work. Start with what you know Find motivation in what you are passionate about. Utilize available resources. Let collaborators and customers self-select in. Use networking and influencers rather than conventional advertising and marketing to drive expansion. Let spontaneous order unfold. Begin by creating a website. Receive and read book chapters as they are written Access video and audio online courses in Austrian economics; Buy books; Subscribe to podcasts (which he runs like a seminar); Find a “complete central bank replacement pack”. Begin by using the Entrepreneurial Method as a guideline in addition to the downloadable tool.