Entrepreneurial Leadership via Austrian Economics

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Build business leadership on a foundation of Austrian Economics.

Problem To Solve: Anchoring motivation, inspiration, and ethical business in unique knowledge developed on a firm economic foundation.

How To Use This Tool

This is a life tool.

  • Find your passions early: requires analytical thought about what you love.
  • Discover new knowledge combinations in your passion space.
    • For entrepreneur Rick Rule, it was Natural Resource Science, Debt, and Equity Finance for Extractive Industries.
  • As you gather experience – which may include some hard knocks and disappointments – make sure you are processing it as learning.
  • Use this learning to gather deep market, and customer knowledge especially potential target customers.
  • Identify a need for the target customers that only you can fill.
  • Identify the Austrian economics foundations that will validate your unique offering.
    • Rick blended Austrian Business Cycle Theory, Austrian Capital Theory, Austrian Knowledge Theory and Austrian Time Preference Theory.