Episode #15. Damon Lembi: The Learn-It-All Leader

Damon Lembi is CEO of LearnIt, a service company dedicated to helping all firms to become learning organizations. He is the go-to expert on learning, change and people development. He shared some of his 25+ years of experience with The Value Creators podcast.



Learnit YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/LearnitTraining

Connect with Damon Lembi: https://www.linkedin.com/in/damonlembi/

Damon Lembi’s YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@DamonLembi

Knowledge Capsule

Embrace Change for Learning Agility.

  • To be a learning organization, it’s necessary to commit to embracing change and fostering a culture of continuous learning. Individuals and organizations must be willing to evolve, adapt, and pivot in response to changing circumstances and market dynamics. That’s not easy, and sometimes it can be uncomfortable.

Action: Make the commitment to learning and change – as individuals, as a team, as a firm.

Cultivate a Growth Mindset.

  • The purpose of learning is growth, so a growth mindset is a crucial factor for personal and professional development. This mindset values the process of learning and improvement over immediate results, encouraging individuals to view challenges as opportunities for growth and development.

Action: Set targets and devote your firm to learning for long-term growth.

Accountability and Leadership.

  • Leaders are accountable for organizational culture. Effective leaders are those who take ownership of their decisions and actions, openly admit their mistakes, and create a culture where team members feel comfortable acknowledging their own errors. That’s learning!

Action: Leaders must lead by demonstrating their own learning.

Empathy and Customer-Centricity.

  • Empathy and a deep understanding of customer needs were emphasized as key business skills. Learning is enabled by putting oneself in the customer’s shoes and actively working to bridge the gap between their current state and desired outcomes.

Action: Cultivate and practice empathy as the #1 customer-orentated skill.

Decision-Making and Feedback Loops

  • The right strategy for decision-making is to ensure decisions are as informed as possible while acknowledging uncertainty. Feedback loops and after-action-reviews are employed to facilitate continuous learning from both successes and failures.

Action: Decide and act with the information that’s available, and create new information via feedback and review.

Ethical Leadership and Principles.

  • All learning must be based on ethical leadership and maintaining principled behavior in business. Upholding a strong ethical foundation contributes to long-term success and helps build a positive organizational culture.

Action: Declare values, and adhere to them.