Opportunities As Artifacts And Entrepreneurship As Design – ENCAPSULATION

How does a business progress from an imagined opportunity – such as a new benefit for a customer, a new market to enter, or a new product or service concept – to implementation, when the product is launched, the market is entered, the customer is engaged and able to purchase.

The process is Design And Assembly. Design can be thought of as just as concrete and material and real as is assembly. Design proceeds via a series of artifacts – design tools if you will – that become sequentially stronger and stronger and more and more robust. You might start with the proverbial sketch on the back of a napkin (that’s a design artifact); it might become an elevator pitch (also a design artifact); then a business model canvas to a completed N-A-B-C process map and a completed Brand Uniqueness Template, and finally to a business plan and a manufacturing plan or service blueprint. Design is the process by which entrepreneurs get from imagination to market.

Here is an encapsulation of the thinking behind this process. Then search thevaluecreators.com for a range of tools for you to use in your design process.

Entrepreneurship As Design PAPER ENCAPSULATION