Entrepreneurial Intelligence To Refine Your Imaginary Construct

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Empathic accuracy comes from emotional intelligence plus curiosity intelligence.

Problem To Solve: Harness emotional intelligence to solve economic problems when cyber tools like AI can not.

How To Use This Tool

There are refinement tools that are subjective and qualitative rather than digitally intelligent.

  • Can you identify the spark of creativity in your imaginary construct?
  • Can you identify the unique or unusual combination of resources that distinguishes your imaginary construct?
  • Does your construct embrace uncertainty? Using “even-if” thinking – there’s investment of time, talent and treasure that has potential for success even if you can’t predict precise outcomes.
  • Have you applied empathic diagnosis and can you point to reasonable confidence in your empathic accuracy?
  • What do you see that’s not yet written on the page?
  • Have you prioritized your decision-making for both this stage and the next?

Review this checklist in the spirit of self-examination and self-efficacy. Only you know the answers.