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Inventory Your Resources. The entrepreneurial process needs tools and techniques for it to be successful. There will be ups and downs in your journey, but these tools and techniques will help guide you.

Problem To Solve: What are my resources?

How To Use This Tool

Who am I? What do I know? Who do I know? What are my resources? These are questions suggested to entrepreneurs by effectuation theory. It calls for a kind of identity construct that can be a challenge for those of us who are unused to the techniques of this kind of self-examination.

STARS is a checklist tool that provides significant and substantial help in conducting self-examination. It recasts the effectuation questions under the headings of:

Skills you possess.

Technologies you can use (self-augmentation).

Assets (of all kinds) and Accomplishments.

Relationships and Reputation.

(Inner) Strengths.

Follow the examples – they help you to be generous and comprehensive in assessing your resources. Write down your answers, and refer to them and add to them from time to time.